How to Select the Best Patio Dining Sets and Decor

How to Select the Best Patio Dining Sets and Decor

When we think of a patio we usually associate it with a bungalow with a huge outdoor area, a patio, and a well-maintained garden. Isn’t it? Housing complexes also have well-designed patios with paved paths, contemporary patio dining sets, and so on. However, they are common to all residents and not privately owned. As a flat owner, do you dream of an awesome weekend dinner with your friends and family on a 9-piece square patio dining set in your own house? Well, it may not be impossible if you have a big enough terrace which can be turned into a patio. Whether you have a common or a privately-owned patio, or a terrace garden in your flat, getting the right design, furniture and dining set is key to make your events enjoyable and comfortable for your guests. This post gives pointers to choose the best patio dining sets for your well-maintained garden.

Tips to Select the Best Patio Dining Sets and Decor

A good dining set, potted plants, BBQ accessories, a hammock, neatly paved paths, and gravel lying adjacent to them— all of this together can make your patio or garden look beautiful. Here are some tips on the selection of patio dining sets:

  • It is important to consider the total area available and then deciding on the size of the furniture. For instance, if you have a small terrace garden and want to fit in all of this, then consider a 5-piece dining set. But, for a big terrace or patio, a 9-piece dining set is anytime a better option as it can accommodate all your guests.
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  • When it comes to choosing a patio dining set, do consider its flexibility, durability, material, color, and so on. It must be flexible enough to be arranged in balconies or terraces at times. It must also be able to endure rough weather at times.
  • You can choose wood, powder-coated aluminum, or handwoven polyethylene rattan wicker, or cane materials.
  • Ensure they are low on maintenance and easy to clean with a regular hose and a cleanser.
  • The tables can be either round, oval, or rectangular. A table height of around 30ʺ is suitable for most age groups. 5-Piece means four chairs and a table, while a 9-piece dining set means eight chairs and a table.
  • When choosing chairs, consider if you want foldable ones in case you have limited space. Else, go for armed chairs as they are extremely comfortable. Chairs without an arm look elegant too. Although they don’t have armrests, they take less space, and the person already sitting need not move to let the other person sit in the adjacent chair.
  • You can make the chairs comfortable by adding cushions with cozy cotton cloth covers.
  • If you have a big extended family and a large circle of friends with whom you socialize often, it is worth investing in a 9-piece patio dining set.
  • You can choose extra chairs with good height if you also have a bar and of course the required amount of area.
  • The common colors you can opt for include wooden brown, steel grey, navy blue, yellow, red, beige or white.
  • You can very well combine two colors. For instance, red and white or white and yellow go well.
  • If your party is informal or within the family, consider placing a few bean bags, loungers, and recliner chairs for your guests to relax and chill out. It also goes well in case you have a swimming pool.
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  • Above all make sure your patio furniture is eco-friendly, just as it is long-lasting.

Such a patio with the right kind of friends and family helps create wonderful memories— of smiles, laughter, delicious food, the conversations, and all the bonding you share. If you plan to renovate your patio or terrace garden, and you have a big enough area, do consider a 9-piece patio dining set for enhancing your outdoor dining experience. However, ensure you source it from a reliable supplier or manufacturer directly. Gardennaire is a trusted supplier of a variety of furniture pieces and décor items which help transform your open areas into lively and beautiful patios.