Stedi Pedi Pro - Professional Home Pedicure Assistant

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Product Description

Save Money: Stop "Pedi Larceny" :). Don't pay for another pedicure...ever again. Saves hundreds of dollars every year. Comfortable and Safe: Tired of putting yourself into unimaginable positions to reach your toes? The Stedi Pedi puts your foot into the perfect position to do your own pedicure at home...safely and comfortably.

☑️ PRO Includes Bonus Task Light, Drying Fan, & Lit Magnifier! - Super Bright LED Light - Use Day or Night
☑️ SAVE MONEY - Don't Pay for Another Pedicure...Ever Again :)
☑️ COMFORTABLE & SAFE - Puts Your Foot In The Perfect Position To Do Your Own Pedicure at Home ...Safely and Comfortably
☑️ A Perfect Fit For All Ages, Body Types, and Flexibilities
☑️ Treat Your Feet To A Perfect Comfortable Pedicure At Home - Ideal Gift Idea

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