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Outdoor cooking can be fun and relaxing when you do it in your well-furnished patio, backyard, garden, or terrace. Although it may seem like a fun event, there are several requirements to be met to make it a relaxing occasion. Firstly, you need a good quality outdoor cooking grill to enjoy the cooking. At Gardennaire, we provide excellent collections of high-quality outdoor cooking grills. Our collection features charcoal, gas, and premium options. These grills are proven to perform in outdoor environments and are appreciated by barbecue experts and lovers throughout the US.

Features of Outdoor Cooking Grills from Gardennaire

Owing to their popularity among outdoor lovers, today, it is easy to find them across different brands. However, we believe the following features of our grills have been appreciated by our clients over the years.

  • Our selection features outdoor cooking grills for all budget sizes and tastes.
  • We provide HUB™ Electric Ignition Charcoal Barbeque, which is one of the most popular charcoal electronic ignition grills in the market. This grill combines traditional charcoal technique with an innovative gas grilling technology.
    • This charcoal gas ignition barbeque features a fast flame heat ignition system that can heat charcoal in as less as 10 minutes
    • There is an integrated commercial –quality rotisserie system to cook whole animals or multiple chickens at a time.
  • Similarly, you can opt for Fusion TM Electric Ignition Charcoal Barbeque with Pedestal, which also combines charcoal technique with gas grilling.
    • It is fitted with a patent pending rotisserie system.
    • The fast flame ignition system assures ignition within 9 minutes.
  • There are two premium grill options to choose from if you want to enjoy a barbeque with an extended family or special guests. They are Mont Alpi-400 Island and Mont Alpi 805 Island.
    • Mont Alpi 400 Island is a 4 burner island gas grill with granite cabinets and infrared side burners.
    • Mont Alpi 805 Island is a premium 6 burner island gas grill with granite cabinets and infrared side burners.
    • Both these premium grills come with caster wheels, which enable users to carry them around efficiently.
    • They are made of 8mm stainless steel and fitted with halogen lights, which makes them an easy choice for cooking in dark.
  • All our charcoal electronic ignition grills and premium grills feature durable construction, which makes them all-weather resistant.

With a collection comprising the best outdoor cooking grills on display, making the right selection may be difficult or confusing. Our experts will work with you and help you make the right selection. We offer one of the vast collections of outdoor patio furniture and accessories in the US. Any furniture or outdoor patio accessories will be delivered within 3 working days within Texas and 7 working days in other states.