Patio Pillow Covers

Today, various types of patio furniture are chosen by users who want to transform their bland or barren patio, backyard, or garden into an interesting meeting place. Seating sets are an integral part of patio furniture. The seating sets are usually accompanied by comfortable pillows. These pillows not only assure comfortable seating but also improve the aesthetics of your patio. It is certainly not convenient to change the whole furniture to add interesting aesthetics all the time but it can be done by changing pillow covers. Gardennaire offers one of the brilliant selections of patio pillow covers. These outdoor decorative pillow covers are available in a variety of elegant designs.

Features of Patio Pillow Covers by Gardennaire

Gardennaire understands the versatility in choices and various needs of home and patio decor. Thus, each pillow cover offered here is uniquely designed to accentuate your room. One can select the pillow covers of their choice from our collection. Significant features of our outdoor decorative pillow covers are listed below.

  • Versatile Designs: We design pillow covers for versatile ambiances and home decor styles. Our designs are elegant and you can get a vast range of pillow cover designs at our store. Tropical pillow covers, geometric throw pillow covers, sofa pillow covers, nursery décor pillow covers, handmade pillowcases, and so on are only a few of them. We ensure that you can get pillow cover designs that suit your furniture setting and style.
  • Various Sizes: We offer pillows in various sizes that are suited for patio, sofas, garden swings, and many more. The general size of our pillows is 18 x 18 inches. However, you can get various sizes to throw pillow covers as well. We can customize the pillow covers in various sizes and shapes for your need.
  • Hand Made Fabric:  Our pillows are handcrafted by blending cotton and linen fabric. It is a thick fabric that makes our pillow covers highly durable. There is a zip closure added at the bottom of the seam. The pillow covers have a cream base color at the back.
  • Requires No Special Care: Our pillow covers are washable below 30° C and to maintain the color, we advise not to bleach.  You can wash, hand dry and iron the pillowcases as required. Our patio pillow covers are truly durable and suited for outdoor use. They can be easily removed and washed whenever required.