Ultimate Hanging Baskets

A spacious lush green garden with various types of colorful flowers, herbs, and trees is a dream of many homeowners. Does that mean homeowners who have a small backyard or garden cannot plant colorful flowers, herbs, or fruits in their garden? No, it is not true. Now, they can easily do it using various types of hanging baskets. At Gardennaire, we provide Smart Spring’s ultimate hanging baskets, which makes planting easy and fun. Everyone from novice gardeners to green thumb masters can easily use these hanging baskets. Smart Spring’s ultimate hanging baskets allow you to create a beautiful hanging garden and nurture it like a professional!

Features of Smart Spring’s Ultimate Hanging Baskets

The hanging baskets provided here offer a convenient choice to add a dash of color or greenery to your apartment, house, or condominium. The following features of these baskets have contributed to their popularity.

  • The hanging baskets are made of durable material and available in three colors – stone, mocha, and grey.
  • These baskets are feature six removable side panels that help in planting and also enable side planting.
  • Using side planting, you can create a full and perfectly balanced basket and plant up to 6 times more plants than regular hanging baskets.
  • Our hanging baskets are perfect for growing strawberries, herbs, and vegetables in a small garden area.
  • Smart Spring’s ultimate hanging baskets are proudly made in the USA. Thus, you can be assured of their quality.
  • We also provide Smart Spring’s ultimate hanging basket accessory such as a replacement chain.
  • The chain is available in three-strand structure and it can be used with ultimate hanging baskets and other regular hanging baskets.
  • These replacement chains are zinc plated to avoid rusting.

It doesn’t matter, whether you use these hanging baskets as hanging flower pots or hanging strawberry baskets; they are extremely reliable and serve your purpose well. Along with these hanging baskets, we also provide various types of patio essentials like outdoor furniture, gardening accessories, and so on. You can see a variety of gardening essentials under the Smart Spring collection, which makes gardening enjoyable and productive.