Comal 4 Piece Patio Sofa Set | Wicker Table and Chairs with All Weather Cushions by Gardennaire (Brown)

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Product Description

Terraces, gardens, and patios are some of the most beautiful areas in a house. You can spend some time there to just relax or read a book or simply enjoy with your family and friends. You can host dinners, and have wonderful conversations. For this, Gardennaire offers the Comal 4-Piece patio sofa set. This sofa set is not only durable but it also adds to the aesthetics. Made of powder coated aluminum, this sofa set has a polished and colored frame. It is a very practical addition to your terrace, garden, or living room.

    Features of the 4-Piece Patio Sofa Set by Gardennaire

    Here are some features of this patio sofa set:

    • The cushions on this sofa set are extremely comfortable, and they have removable covers which can be cleaned easily.
    • The sofa set is strong, yet lightweight and made of powder coated aluminum and does not rust in any weather conditions.
    • It is extremely durable and can last for years.
    • This weather-friendly sofa set is ideal for gardens and terraces but it can also be used in your living room.

    If you are looking to decorate your patio or terrace and need a good-quality sofa set, do visit our showroom. Else, you can contact us through phone or email after going through our website.


    The specifications of the dining set are mentioned below:

    • This stylish Comal 4-Piece patio sofa set comprises one wicker table, one love seat, and two club chairs.
    • Dimensions of the sofa set in terms of height, width, and length:
    1. Wicker Table: 16" x 26" x 46" respectively
    2. Love Seat: 33" x 57" x 31" respectively
    3. Club chairs: 31" x 31" x 53" respectively
    • The materials used to make this dining set are powder-coated aluminum and eco-friendly recyclable, hand woven polyethylene rattan wicker.
    • The Comal 4-piece patio sofa set is available in brown color.

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