Comal 4 Piece Patio Sofa Set | Wicker Table and Chairs with All Weather Cushions by Gardennaire (Navy)

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Product Description

A backyard garden, patio, or a terrace can be the most beautiful area in your home, and renovating or decorating that is truly a stress busting experience. To make this area beautiful and comfortable, you need to have appropriate but inexpensive garden furniture, which is of good quality and assure comfortable seating experience. Usually, a 4-piece sofa set comprising two comfortable chairs, one loveseat, and a coffee table is ideal for a family. With this and some additions such as couches, you can even host a small party or gathering. Nothing can be more relaxing than unwinding in your garden or terrace and conversing with family and friends. This also creates wonderful memories for your future. At Gardennaire, we offer good quality, weather friendly cheap garden sets. The navy blue color of our Comal 4-piece patio sofa set looks absolutely amazing against all backgrounds.

Features and Benefits of the Comal 4-Piece Patio Sofa Set with a Wicker Table

Our affordable yet weather resistant wicker furniture is long lasting and low on maintenance. Here are some features of this patio Comal 4-piece sofa set with a coffee table:

  • This Comal 4-piece sofa set comprises one love seat, two club chairs, and a coffee table.
  • The wicker table and chairs look beautiful and add to the aesthetic value of the furniture. Even wicker woven through the sofas and table looks elegant. Additionally, the powder coated aluminum frame looks great and adds anti-rust features to this weather-friendly sofa set.
  • The cushions have quick dry covers which can be removed and cleaned quite easily.
  • This elegant piece of furniture is lightweight, yet robust and low on maintenance. It can be easily cleaned with a mild soap and water solution.
  • While this is typically outdoor furniture, it also suitable indoors. In fact, in case of heavy rains or snowfall, you can keep it in your sunroom or living room.
  • This cheap garden set is suited for your dining room, patio, porch, garden, or poolside.
  • The club chairs and loveseat both are extremely comfortable for your back and help your guests unwind as well.

Set Includes:

  • 1 Two-Seater Sofa
  • 2 Club Chairs
  • 1 Aluminum slat coffee table

These are the specifications for Comal 4-piece navy blue sofa set with a wicker table:

  • Love Seat - 33" high x 57" wide x 31" long
  • Club Chairs - 31" high x 31" wide x 53" long
  • Coffee Table - 16" high x 26" wide x 46" long
Assembly & Warranty


Retain for future reference: read carefully before assembly. 

Make sure you have all parts & hardware as identified on the parts list.


Part #

Part Image


Part Qty





Table Top






















Feet Cover
























Coffee Table Assemble: Step 1

Place all parts on a soft and clean surface .

Rotating screws (C) into table top (A), turn 3 - 4 circles , DO NOT TURN TIGHTEN!


Coffee Table Assemble: Step 2

Arrange legs ( B ) through screws ( C ), fix legs by using washer ( G ), Nut ( E ) and tool ( F ). Put feet cover ( D ) on feet after tighten nuts.

Then turn coffee table on right position, now your table is ready for use.

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