Premium XL Auto Care Leather Wipes - 25 Pack Allergen Free Fabric

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Product Description

APPLICATION: Restore the natural beauty of interior leather with our premium quality Leather Wipes. Specially formulated with natural beeswax, Leather Wipes condition and remove surface dirt, providing protection against spills and stains and recapturing leather’s soft and supple feel. UV filters protect against discoloration, premature aging, cracking and fading caused by harsh sunlight, heat and humidity. Wipe entire surface, using multiple wipes if needed to clean completely. Polish until soft, supple sheen is restored. Reseal package after each use.
☑️ Renew and restore leather’s natural beauty ☑️ Protects against cracking and dryness ☑️ Contains natural beeswax and a UV filter
Leather Wipes - color enhancing Capacity: 25 wipes, 24x22cm (Approx. 8 in. x 10 in.)

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