Smart Spring Tree Watering Stake (3-pack)

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Product Description

Smart Spring's Tree Watering Stake penetrates 8 inches into the ground to deliver air, water and nutrients into the root zone for trees, bushes, shrubs and more. Helping trees eat, drink and breathe! Made with the durable U.S.A. made stake that has a clog free design and open top cap to capture rain and sprinkler water. Compact soils make it difficult for water to penetrate into the root zone. The Tree Watering Stake channels the water through the soil 8-12 inches deep where 98% off water-absorbing roots are found in the soil. Save water. Grow happy trees!

  • Delivers water, air and nutrients through compact soils into the root zone with a clog-free design
  • Helps promote healthy root growth by encouraging trees, bushes and shrubs to grow roots away from the trunk
  • Accepts nutrient tablets and fertilizers (sold separately) with a cap that is removable
  • Installs in seconds. Plant 3 around the base of a tree to help nurture new trees and support established trees
  • Open top cap accepts natural precipitation, sprinkler water and drip bubblers to channel water where trees need it!
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Technical Details
Package Dimensions 10.79 x 7.56 x 2.4 inches
Item Weight 8.3 ounces
Manufacturer WOW Plastics