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All Patio Furniture

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The right type of patio furniture can really beautify your patio and garden and make it comfortable for you and your loved ones to eat, drink, and have fun. The conversation here with your family and friends over weekend mornings and evenings may become wonderful memories for your future. If you plan to renovate your patio or move into a new home with a terrace or a patio, you can definitely visit us and check out the furniture at Gardennaire’s showroom. Aside from patio, you can use this furniture for your terrace and fit in comfortably without compromising on your backyard garden. The only factor important here is the area, and how much you can fit in without compromising on the aesthetics.

Variety of Patio Outdoor Furniture at Gardennaire

Here are some common varieties of quality outdoor patio furniture available at Gardennaire:

  • 9-piece aluminum patio furniture set: This is a powder coated aluminum furniture set with anti-rust features. So, if you have frequent house parties or dinners for a relatively large group of family and friends, this big dining set is ideal as long as you have a big enough area to accommodate it.
  • 4-piece aluminum garden furniture set: This is a commonly used furniture set as it is ideal for a small group of friends or family you want to host for a breakfast or dinner.
  • Rattan love seat: You can combine these with two similar chairs with arm rests and a nice sturdy center table to form a complete kit for your patio. You can buy it separately as well and pair it just beanbags or small stools.
  • Wicker rocking chairs: Wicker is a commonly used furniture pattern in gardens, terraces, and patios. It really adds to the aesthetics, and no matter how old it is, it looks good. Also, it is a good idea to relax in a rocking chair and catch up on a favorite book or chat with your partner.
  • Wooden bench: You can have a couple of wooden benches in your garden for you to relax and chat. This is a very old seating style, but may never go out of fashion.
  • Poolside lounge chairs: If you have your private pool, these lounge chairs are a must for you to relax after swimming and soak a bit in the sun.

We specialize in outdoor furniture and the required accessories. You can always buy them online and we will deliver it in seven business days. Also, you can be assured of the quality. In case of any queries you can reach us on phone or email. Our experts’ team will be more than happy to assist you.

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