For Your Home

for your patio

It is a wonderful feeling doing up your new home or renovating the existing one. Think of it, and you need so many small and big things to complete the task. While essential home supplies are a must, home décor items are equally important as they really reflect your choice and help set a vibe in your home. So, at Gardennaire, home essential products and décor items are of the same importance. We also have a huge collection of Garden décor which helps when working around the house or if you have a garden, patio, or a terrace.

Types of Home Supplies Offered by Gardennaire

Here are some types of products we offer as home essentials under various categories.

  • Kitchen: This is such as an integral part of any home that it cannot be ignored. For kitchen, we offer various kitchen utilities such as layered boxes for fruits and vegetables, strawberry slicers, water bottles, kitchen carts, dish shelves, strainers, and so much more.
  • Bar: This is especially useful if you frequently host guests. At Gardennaire, we offer a variety of bar utilities such as various types of glasses, ice cube trays, bottle openers, and so on.
  • Decor: This category is important in increasing the aesthetic value of your interiors. Also, you can at times place utility items creatively so that they also add to the beauty apart from their core use. We offer wonderful photo frames and wall mountable canvas paintings.
  • Work Around the House: As the term implies, this includes the garden utilities as well as cleaning essentials for the gutter, patio, and so on, such as gutter cleaning scoops, sink protector, and so on.

Gardennaire is really a one-stop shop for all your home essentials as well as home décor items. You can go through our collection online or drop in at our store in Texas. Our team is always there to help understand your requirements and make the best choices. In case of any questions or inquiries, you can reach us on phone or email.