Smart Spring Lawn and Garden Products

for your Decor

Springtime means spending your weekends and free time enjoying the outdoors. It is a season when nature introduces you to a bright fresh palette of colors. Planting a beautiful garden and maintaining a pristine lawn takes time and effort if you want to enjoy spring every year or throughout the year. This is where you need to look for products that help you transform your garden into a beautiful spring zone. Gardennaire offers a special Smart Spring® range that includes products that help protect and enhance your garden. From the plant and tree guard to protect your plants from critters, trimmers, and mowers, to safer, eco-friendly garden stakes, Smart Spring® has your back to help show off your green thumb. All these products have been successfully used by our clients over the years.

Popular Smart Spring® Products

At Gardennaire, we have been helping people like you to enjoy the beauty of spring through a collection of gardening products. The following are a few popular products available with us.

  • Ultimate Hanging Basket: Do you cherish the sight of booming and colorful baskets? If yes, these Smart Spring® Ultimate Hanging Baskets are what you may be looking for. These baskets are provided with removable side panels that allow you to make extravagant hanging arrangements. These baskets are available in three colors – stone, mocha, and grey.
  • Smart Watering Mats: What if you can enjoy spring even during months when survival and sustainability become difficult for plants? Smart Spring® Smart Watering Mats are designed for such times. Made of polymer, these mats absorb, store, and release water, thereby enabling plants to survive.
  • Smart Spring Garden Accessories: Protecting your trees and plants during and beyond spring is very important. Smart Spring® gardening accessories allow you to protect your trees, grow grass, and maintain your lawns easily. This collection features the following: gardening accessories:
    • Tree water stakes
    • Flat circle top fabric stakes
    • Landscape and garden stakes
    • Plant and tree guard
    • Garden and tent stakes

Features of Smart Spring® Products

There are several brands of lawn and garden tools in the market; however, the following features of Smart Spring® products make them popular.

  • The Smart Spring® collection features everything that you require to keep your lawns and gardens in good shape.
  • Smart Spring Garden Accessories comprise garden accessories that are proven to be eco-friendly and effective.
  • Ultimate hanging baskets are designed such that they can be used as booming baskets as well as to transform small spaces with extravagant hanging arrangements.
  • The Smart Spring® watering mats help users eliminate the task of regular watering.
  • All Smart Spring® collection products are made in the USA; thus, you can be assured of their quality.

At Gardennaire, we are greenery lovers, and understand how much relief a well-maintained garden, patio, or backyard can bring into one’s lives. This is why we have been keenly offering lawn and garden tools and gardening accessories that can easily transform any small backyard, garden, or patio into a thriving space. Our collection also features different types of patio furniture and accessories. The patio furniture is on display on this store and at our showroom in Texas. They can be delivered within Texas in 3 business days and within the US in 7 business days. Do you want to know more about the lawn and garden tools displayed here? Please get in touch with our team today.