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A well-maintained garden is a refreshing sight to hold. However, there are several challenges involved when it comes to protecting your tree or plants. They may be infected by worms, weeds, and various types of insects. In fact, many land movers and insects can potentially damage your plantation. No one would like to get their garden ruined by a bunch of animals. That is why it is very important to protect your plantation from these intruders. There are several ways of protecting your plantation like fertilization, anti-bacterial sprays, however, this does not leave your garden organic. Fertilizers and anti-bacterial sprays can also cause an intolerable odor in your garden which nobody would want at their comfort space. That is why wrapped plant guards are definitely a great option as plant protection. These plant guards can keep insects and rodent intruders away from your plants. Gardennaire provides everything that you need to protect and maintain your garden. Smart Spring Plant and Tree Guard is our popular product in this category

Features of Smart Spring Plant Protectors by Gardennaire

Gardennaire considers the plant and tree safety is of utmost importance. Therefore, we acknowledge the importance of the quality of plant protectors in order to ensure reliability over our products. That is why our products are finely manufactured with the following beneficial features.

  • Quality Material: Our Sapling protectors and tree trunk protectors are made of rigid and firm quality plastic material. This makes our plant guards rigid but flexible enough for wrap and installation. The material being plastic, it is rust-proof and chemical-resistant, therefore moisture and fertilizers will not impact on the quality of our plant guards. This ensures the durability of our products.
  • Flexibility: Flexible material also adds to the versatility of this product. Our Smart Spring Plant and Tree Guard can be used as sapling protectors, plant guards, and many more. Our plat protectors are suitable for all sizes of Saplings and even for three barks.
  • Easy Installation: Our plant protectors are designed for easy installation. All you have to do it wrap them around your plant, adjust it to a suitable diameter, and latch it with the stake provided with it. Its stake latch design makes it comfortable for on and off applications.
  • Appropriate Dimensions: Our 6 inches tall plant protectors are suitable for all types of plants.
  • Ventilation Space: The design of our plant guard is spacious, as it provides enough space for sunlight, air, and water around the plant.

We offer a 4-piece set of plant guards in versatile sizes and different colors. On a specific amount of purchase from Gardennaire, you can earn Gardennaire Bucks as a reward. You can redeem the reward for the further purchase of Gardennaire products. To know more about our products please scroll through our product catalog or contact us.