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Patio Seating and Dining Set Furniture

If you have a big enough garden or terrace, or both, you are perhaps living in your dream home. In addition, if you have a private swimming pool, you can truly make it a vacay home. There can be nothing more fun and relaxing than a quick dip in the pool or relaxing on the sun loungers on a weekend. To make your garden or terrace beautiful and relaxing, you can decorate it by adding comfortable outdoor patio sofa sets, dining sets, loungers, garden accessories, and so much more. Gardennaire offers a whole new collection of patio sets and is really your go-to outdoor patio furniture store for all your terrace, patio, pool, and garden needs. Our collection suffices various requirements for small and big gatherings, parties, weekend brunches with family and friends, and so on.

New Collection of Patio Seating Sets and Accessories Offered by Gardennaire

Our outdoor patio furniture sets range from a single seater to 10-seater sofa sets, chairs, dining sets, and so on. So, if you host regular parties and have enough space, you might as well opt for 8- or 10- seater sofa sets and dining sets. Even if you have limited space but host frequent gatherings of family and friends, we have many options for you such as single chairs, stools, 3-seater sofa sets, and so on. When not in use, you can simply keep the stools beneath a table or so and use the chairs elsewhere in the house. This helps save on space and clutter. Here are some of our new patio furniture sets and other pieces.

  • Garden Lounge Sets: Our garden lounge sets are meant for eight to ten people on an average. They comprise a side table, coffee table, ottoman, middle sofas and side sofas with cushions, and so on. The number of outdoor patio sofa seats would vary with the size; for instance, an 8-piece set would have four middle sofas. These are made of a powder coated aluminum frame with woven rattan wicker.
  • Sun Loungers: While sun loungers may seem ideal by the pool side, you can opt these even if you do not have one. These rattan sun loungers are a great addition to your terrace or garden to relax on a sunny weekend. These come with adjustable backrests and the cushions can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Reclining Garden Chairs: Recliner chairs are a great option to relax and just close your eyes or read a book. You can combine these with a small coffee table which would serve the purpose better. Our easy to clean chairs have a powder coated steel frame and a rattan wicker body. They come with a footrest and comfortable cushioning.
  • Rattan wicker Garden Sofa Sets: Our rattan wicker sofa sets with powder coated aluminum have already gained much popularity. Depending on the seating capacity, these sets come with two armed chairs, a love seat or a three seater sofa, and a coffee table.
  • Plastic Outdoor Dining Sets: Our plastic anthracite dining sets are great for spread out dinners and brunches. They are economical and low on maintenance. The chairs have reclining settings which can be adjusted to suit your comfort level. They are weather resistant and lightweight, and hence can be shifted easily to another area such as near a campfire.
  • Rattan Wicker Dining Sets: Our Rattan wicker dining sets with a powder coated aluminum frame have already gained popularity. We offer them from 3-piece to 11-piece sets. A 3-piece set includes a table and two chairs. Likewise, an 11-piece set comprises a rectangular table and 10 chairs, of which all may be armchairs. In some sets, two chairs may not have arms.
  • Garden Lounge Beds: We offer one- and two-person sun beds which can truly add enjoyment to your leisure weekend. They have an ergonomic design which make your experience comfortable. They come with padded cushions and pillows. These also are made of rattan with an aluminum frame. Additionally, they come with side tables to keep your books, glasses, and so on.
  • Garden Tables: We offer garden tables made of wicker, powder coated aluminum, acacia wood, plastic, and so on. The table top is made of solid wood and has an aluminum frame.
  • Garden Storage Benches: Our solid acacia wooden garden bench is ideal not just for relaxing in your garden but also to store essentials such as garden tools, extra cushion covers, and other accessories.

If you are looking for quality outdoor patio furniture for your terrace or garden, we have some of the best patio furniture sets in Texas. Gardennaire is one of the trusted patio furniture stores in Texas. You can browse our new collection of quality outdoor patio furniture here. You can also visit our store for all your garden related requirements including patio furniture in Austin, TX. In case of any questions or enquiries regarding our products, you can reach us on phone or email.