Everyone loves a neat and organized garden. However, creating one is not easy, as it requires intense planning and some accessories too. Planters are one such essential accessories that would help organize plants beautifully around the available space. There are various types of planters from outdoor hanging planters to fence planters available for consideration. But remember, broken planters can be a real mess. To avoid this, it is important to source the planters from a trusted supplier like Gardennaire. We provide premium quality and aesthetically appealing planters. From vegetable planters to fence planters to various types of outdoor hanging planters, you will find everything here. Broken planters, overfilled soil can add on to the gardening mess. To avoid such conditions using good quality planters is very important. Gardennaire understands the need for good aesthetics and the quality of planting products like planters. Therefore, we supply premium quality and beautifully designed planters. From vegetable planters to outdoor hanging planters, you will find everything at Gardennaire.

Collection of Planters at Gardennaire

Do you want to uplift your garden décor with beautiful planters? Perhaps, you can have a look at our collection of planters below.

  1. Smart Spring Ultimate Hanging Baskets: Our Smart Spring Ultimate Hanging Baskets are perfect for your flower plantation. You can even use them as vegetable planters to keep your vegetables safe from ground pests. These planters come in three colors such as grey, mocha, and stone, and are designed for durability and aesthetics, and are
  2. Smart Spring Fence and Deck Planters: Our fence planters and deck planters can be mounted and hung if you choose to. They are 8 inches wide, spacious enough to plant a 4-inch-wide plant in it. These fence planters are just right for growing herbs, strawberries, tomatoes, etc.
  3. Smart Spring-Coco Peat Bricks: Our coco peat bricks are the optimum choice for the indoor plantation. It is 1.5 lbs coconut coir that can be used as organic soil for organic plantation. It is a mixture of 100% natural coconut fiber and coir pith, which makes it totally eco-friendly. It is easy to use, all you have to do is soak it in water and it will freely expand to 2.4 gallons of potting soil with coco choir content. It has a porous structure, which allows effective natural aeration and water absorption and drainage of excess water or any chemicals.
  4. Smart Spring Ultimate Hanging Basket Chain: Our basket hanging chains offer three-strand support to the planters. They feature T-connectors to attach the strings and S-hooks for flexibility and easy- attach-detach application. These are over 22 inches long strings that are protected against corrosion by zinc plating. Our basket hanging strings are suited for all types of outdoor hanging planters.

To know more about our planters and gardening products, you can contact us at any time. Our experts will be happy to help you with your gardening essentials.