Smart Spring Garden Accessories

Spring time means spending your weekends and free time enjoying the outdoors Having your own garden is a wonderful feeling and all your trees and greenery offer a pleasant experience. However, it is essential to nurture your plants, water them, and care for them to blossom at the right time. For this, you need to devote some time in the week and use the right tools and accessories as well. Gardennaire offers Smart Spring garden protection accessories such as tree protectors for plant protection, watering, and other purposes. From plants and tree guards to protecting your plants from critters, trimmers and mowers, to safer, eco-friendly garden stakes, Smart Spring has your back to help show off your green thumb.

Smart Spring Garden Accessories Offered by Gardennaire

We, at Gardennaire, offer extremely useful collection of garden accessories that help plants to remain green throughout the year.

  • Smart Spring TM Plant and Tree Guard: These tree watering donut-shaped mats are best for trees planted directly into the soil, as well as the ones plated in earthen pots. Our smart watering mats are made of super absorbent agricultural-grade polymers. While you are away from home, these mats very slowly permeate the water filled into them into the soil. This keeps the soil moist till a significantly deep level under the ground. They are weather-friendly and take care of your plants in extreme cold conditions as well. An additional benefit of these mats is they do not give any space around the plant for weeds to grow.
  • Smart Spring TM Tree Watering Stakes: This is water conservation facility at its best. Our tree watering stake has a clog-free design and an open top which collects the water it receives from various external sources such as sprinklers and rain. It penetrates about 8-12 inches deep into the soil and offers air, water, and nutrients to the roots of the plant.
  • Smart Spring TM Coco Peat Bricks: This is a block or a brick made entirely of organic materials which offers a dual benefit. The prime benefit is this brick permeates water into the soil as it is porous and absorbs plenty of water. Additionally, the materials such as coconut fiber and shells help improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil, thus acting as a fertilizer. They balance the pH levels and make the soil rich in nutrients. So, it helps your plants thrive and is ideal for lawns, golf courses, and flowering plants.
  • Smart Spring TM Fence and Deck Planter: This wonderful planter is ideal for hanging small herbs in your balcony or mounting on a railing outside a compound wall. It is ideal for growing a small kitchen garden such as strawberries, tomatoes, and so on.
  • Smart Spring TM Large Garden and Tent Stakes: These are eight-inch multipurpose stakes which have an excellent water holding capacity owing to their ribbed design.

Smart Spring is one of the most amazing brands we offer for Garden accessories. Do go through the entire collection as we are really a one-stop shop for all your garden accessories, planters, and much more. For further details, you can reach us on phone or email.