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In addition to bringing quality, factory-direct patio furniture to consumers, Gardennaire also focuses on helping small U.S. based companies sell their "dream". Partnered with Community Gardens Bastrop, whose mission is to help small businesses join together to grow their own dream, Gardennaire focuses on quality products from U.S. inventors and entrepreneurs to support them through sales and making them available to consumers on and in the Gardennaire Showroom within Community Gardens Bastrop.  Here are some of the featured companies we work with and help sell their products.

GAIM Engineering Logo


GAIM Engineering

GAIM Engineering is based out of Bensenville, IL and has been a plastic injection molder since 1989. Throughout their history, GAIM has helped developed a number of products for retail and commercial applications.

The products you find here are highly rated by consumers but as a small business, finding a big box retail home hasn't been in the cards, competing with big companies like Scott's, Pennington and other larger entities that take up a large portion of big box real estate.  Some of GAIM's items include the Wedge Downspout Gutter Guard, Totasak Grocery Bag Handle, and the HEFT secondary handle.

Learn more about GAIM here:

Wedge Downspout Gutter Guard
Zynnovation Logo

Zynnovation, LLC is a female and minority owned business based out of Ashland, VA. They invented and developed a product that reduces water usage by 99% to grow new trees, bushes, shrubs and container plants.

Their commercial version, TreeDiaper, is changing the landscape -literally- for new tree plantings, making it easier to grow trees and reduce water usage and costs in doing so. The consumer Steady Spring Smart Watering Mats will help consumers grow new trees, plants, bushes, and more while reducing the guesswork in doing so. Save Water, Money, Time, Labor and the Planet! 

TreeDiaper Smart Watering Mats

 WOW plastics logo

WOW Plastics, LLC is based out of Caro, MI. We met Dave Allen, the owner, in selling some of our own products. Dave's passion is inventing. So, we partnered with him to help him sell some of his consumer products, starting with Tree Watering Stakes

Learn more about WOW Plastics.

Stedi Pedi Logo

Creekside Creative, LLC was formed by a team of seasoned U.S. consumer  product veterans with over 60 combined years of experience to design, manufacture and market the Stedi Pedi family of products. The Stedi Pedi is a new, innovative, patented product designed to help women find the perfect position for a comfortable and safe home pedicure.

Stedi Pedi Home Pedicure Kit
Thriving Design Logo

Thriving Design was founded in 2014 by Jason Rider in his basement (of course). He had an idea for a gadget that would make growing plants easier and more fun. He imagined a small but mighty clip that could easily snap on his garden stakes - eliminating frustration of single size tomato cages and twist ties. He used a 3D printer for the design and prototype of the first C-BITE. Many iterations later his creation, the C-BITE "Radially Slotted Annular Coupling System" is officially a patented thing as of December 2019, with FIVE independent claims.

Today it’s a family business, his sister Morgan joined the team in 2020 to help spread the love and joy of gardening.

Launching a new business during a pandemic might seem crazy, but now more than ever we need to take care of ourselves, each other and the communities where we live. Growing plants to eat and enjoy nourishes both the body and soul.

Our products are designed and manufactured to minimize our negative impacts on the environment. We’re committed to minimizing packaging and waste, and being carbon neutral. We donate 1% of our profits to nonprofits focused on conservation of the environment and food security for all people.

Hillside Planter

Colleen is the owner of Hillside Planter and realized that like many homeowners in California, throughout the U.S. and abroad, deal with a steep slope or hillside.  We share the frustration of trying to landscape a hillside and having  to replant over and over again.  Hand watering plants and watching the water run down the hill, showing the lack of penetration of water to the plant and adding to the soil erosion…

After replanting twice on the hillside, watering was done more frequently, but still the water wasn’t penetrating  to the plant.  - though the water bill definitely saw a surge!

There must be something out there that will help with the soil erosion and water runoff! After going to every nursery at every large HOME, GARDEN, and HARDWARE store as well as independent nurseries, there weren't any affordable solutions….most recommended some sort of retaining wall (TERRACE YOUR HILL) and others showed a mesh fabric you lay down, but that was pretty ugly.

WATER CONSERVATION: The GOAL of the Hillside Planter is to help Homeowners who want to conserve water, water more efficiently, while having beautiful landscaping.

RESULTS: hillside watering was reduced by up to 40% – 50%! The Hillside Planter is available on Gardennaire in 3-Packs and is MADE in the U.S.A.