Smart Watering Mats

There is no doubt that water must be used efficiently, and at the same time each entity on your home including your plants, lawns, and so on must get the required quantity of water. Also, there are times when you may not be able to water your plants, especially if you are out of town or busy in your work. Plants must get some water every day, else they will dry up and eventually die. We, at Gardennaire, are sure you would never want that to happen to your garden. Gardennaire believes in letting plants grow and bloom; they give us so much joy. Greenery around us helps soothe our stressed minds. To address this issue of not having time to water your plants every day, Gardennaire has an amazing collection smart watering mats, tree watering stakes, and more. These watering mats and accessories are a part of Gardennaire’ s Smart Spring TM collection.

Watering Mats and Related Products Offered by Gardennaire

Have you ever heard of tree diapers or tree watering donuts? These are wonderful products which smartly optimize the water requirement of plants and prevent them from dying when you are away on a summer vacation or a business trip. Here is what Gardennaire offers for your plants to remain green throughout the year.

  • Smart Spring TM Smart Watering Mats: These literally serve as tree diapers for trees directly planted into the soil or ground. They are called tree watering donuts because of their shape. Our smart watering mats are made of super absorbent agricultural-grade polymers, and are suitable for in-ground planted trees as well as potted plants. These mats keep the soil moist and slowly the water inside penetrates the soil and goes deeper as required. They are weather-friendly and take care of your plants in extreme cold conditions as well. These mats work on the principle of osmosis and gravity. They also work as a weed barrier.
  • Smart Spring TM Tree Watering Stakes: Our tree watering stake has a clog-free design and an open top to capture the water it receives from external sources such as sprinklers and rain. It penetrates about 8-12 inches deep into the soil and offers air, water, and nutrients to the roots of the plant.
  • Garden Patio Water Mister Drip Irrigation Air: This is basically a drip irrigation kit comprising pipes, screws, nozzles, and so on. It can be assembled and fitted to the tap in your garden for a drip irrigation facility.

Why Gardennaire

There are many benefits of buying online from Gardennaire aside from the wonderful collection we offer. Here are some of the benefits.

  • We offer best deals on all our smart watering accessories.
  • We can fulfill all your other patio and garden needs, and prevent your plants from drying.
  • We understand your requirements and budget and help you make the right choice of these products.
  • You can buy online from us and we will deliver it within seven business days. In case you are a resident of Texas, we deliver in about three working days.
  • We offer standard free shipping.
You can browse through our entire collection of watering mats, drip irrigation products, and so on. In case you any particular questions regarding any of these products, you can reach us on phone or email.