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Comal Seating Set Collection

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Relaxing in your garden over a weekend or spending time with your family or friends over a meal in your well-designed patio can be a wonderful experience. However, to be able to unwind or host guests, you need good furniture and accessories which add value to your patio or garden. Good quality, comfortable and weather friendly patio furniture - sofa sets and dining sets - are essential if you are doing you your garden terrace or patio. Once set up, these areas of your home can be fun filled as they are witness to conversations, laughter, and smiles. A patio or terrace can be one of the best parts in your home to create beautiful memories. A 4-piece outdoor furniture set, usually made of wicker and a powder coated aluminum frame, is ideal for a small gathering of family or friends. If you host larger gatherings, you can opt for 6-piece or 8-piece dining sets. Gardennaire has all of this variety of patio sofa sets and dining sets. We are capable of meeting all your requirement related to patio and terrace furniture, accessories, décor items, planters, gardening tools, and more. We help you make your patio beautiful and comfortable for you and your guests.

Types of Patio Seating Sets Offered by Gardennaire

We offer a huge variety of outdoor patio sofa sets and dining sets in terms of colors, patterns, and materials used. From smaller sets and a la carte options to full dining and seating sets we have it all covered. Here are some common types of patio furniture sets available at Gardennaire:

  • Outdoor Patio Sofa Sets: We offer sofa sets made of a powder coated aluminum frame with a wicker body. These do not rust, and are durable and long lasting. They come with comfortable cushions with quick dry fabric covers that can be removed and washed easily. These sofa sets are available in various colors. They are low on maintenance, weather friendly, and easy to clean. You can opt for 4-piece outdoor furniture sets which are ideal for a family or small gatherings. They generally comprise a love seat, coffee table, and two armed chairs or a three seater sofa, coffee table, and two armed chairs.
  • Outdoor Patio Dining Sets: Our dining sets also come in various colors and are categorized on the number of chairs. They also have a powder coated aluminum frame with a wicker body. We offer 3-, 5-, 7-, 9-piece dining sets. The chairs may be armed or armless depending on the brand. In some large dining sets such as 7-piece or 9-piece, two chairs may be armed. The chairs have comfortable cushions.

Beneficial Features of Our Patio Furniture Sets

Whether you buy outdoor patio sofa sets or dining sets, there are many benefits of buying from us:

  • We believe in delivering according to your requirements and hence offer a huge variety in terms of colors, patterns, brands, and so on.
  • We are a one-stop solution for all your patio and garden needs.
  • We understand your requirements in terms of the space available, budget, and your choice of materials and colors, and suggest accordingly.
  • Even if you are not a Texas resident or looking for eco-friendly patio furniture sets in Texas, you can buy online from us and we will deliver it within seven business days.
  • We offer standard free shipping.

We can assist you in many ways if you plan to renovate your patio or terrace or have recently got a new home. Aside from offering outdoor patio sofa sets and dining sets, we offer décor ideas after understanding your requirements and the area. This is possible because of our efficient and resourceful team. You can browse our collection here or visit our store to see some best collections of patio furniture sets in Texas. In case of any questions or enquiries regarding our products, you can reach us on phone or email.