About Us

Gardennaire Showroom Bastrop TX

One Team, One Dream - Five Become One

Gardennaire was founded as a result of three partner's collaboration and evolving their core businesses of a garden center, manufacturer and owner of a number of Made in U.S.A. products to sell items not found in big box stores. Many quality, innovative products are not available to many consumers because big box retail is hard and selling your own invention or product online AND getting it found is a real challenge. 

In 2019, the three partners brought in two other partners to bring quality factory-direct patio furniture to the consumer at the best prices. 

Helping Family-Owned U.S. Businesses

For years, we tried to present our products to the big box stores and various e-commerce sites. Along the way, we've met a lot of others trying to do the same thing. After spending lots of time and investing in meetings, product pitches and countless unanswered follow-up phone calls and emails, we decided to sell to the consumer directly - and reach out to all we've met along the way to help them get an avenue to sell their products to customers.

Community Gardens Old Garden Center

Community Gardens Bastrop

In 2018, Community Gardens Bastrop opened just outside Austin, TX.

As a co-op for various small businesses to sell their products or services, Community Gardens continues to grow and add partners to ally together to support each others' small businesses. In late 2019, the Gardennaire Showroom opened as a means to showcase and sell the patio furniture sets and other products. 


Our Mission

Gardennaire strives to provide quality products and patio furniture at the best Gardennaire Showroom Locationprices with exceptional customer service. We continue to add products, help inventors and small businesses, and expand our presence as a U.S. based business. 

Have a Question, Issue, or  Product You'd Like to Sell?

  • Send us an email: support@gardennaire.com
  • Give us a Call: (512) 549-3555