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Aesthetically appealing, yet functional bar accessories are necessary for the smooth operation of any bar. Knowing this, at Gardennaire, we offer a comprehensive range of bar supplies to choose from. Our bar collection features bar accessories including wine bottle caps, cocktail glasses, shakers, ice cube trays, shot glasses, screwcap bottle openers, and so on. No matter, whether you are an event organizer or running a bar or restaurant, these bar supplies would be an asset to your business.

Bar Collection offered by Gardennaire

The following are a few popular bar supplies available in our bar collection.

  • Cocktail Glasses: We offer different types of cocktail glasses to serve martini, margarita, and many more. Our glasses are specially designed for serving chilled cocktails. These glasses feature innovative cooling cups at the bottom, thus, your drink can stay quite cool for over 2 hours. Every glass is lined with a silicone band for a comfortable grip. Needless to say, these well-engineered cocktail glasses are perfect for chilled drinks.
  • Shot Glasses: We also have shot glasses for serving vodka shots. These glasses feature a party-centric design and are made from borosilicate glass, its double-walled construction gives it a frosted aesthetic.
  • Ice Cube Trays: Crafted ice is a luxury in bar services. That is why we offer different styles and shapes of ice cube trays so that you can present your cocktails with beautiful ice cubes. Our doctor who ice cubes are quite popular amongst our buyers of bar accessories. These ice cube trays are FDA approved and are made of 100% silicon material so the shapes formed are easy to eject from the tray. These ice cube trays are highly temperature resistant in the temperature range of -40° C to 232°C. These are washable in the dishwasher too.
  • Wine Bottle Caps: If in case you cannot finish an unsealed bottle of wine, you are definitely going to need the wine bottle caps. This is why we offer vacuum sealed wine bottle caps. Since these wine bottle cap openers are vacuum sealed, these prevent the wine from spilling quite effectively. Also, these caps feature a button that air-tights the cap to the wine bottle.
  • Screwcap bottle openers: The screwcap bottle openers are one of the most essential bar accessories. We have a brushed copper filigree winged corkscrew bottle opener. It features a stainless steel and zinc body and lever arm design that makes it super easy to open the liquor bottles.

To know more about bar products and accessories by Gardennaire, please contact our team. You can also gain some Gardennaire bucks on the purchase of our products. In case of queries, we would love to assist you.