7 Must-Have Kitchen Items and Bar Accessories

7 Must-Have Kitchen Items and Bar Accessories

Cooking is a necessity, fun, and mode of relaxation. This makes kitchen one of the most important areas in your home. If you are moving to a new home and wish to set up a fully functional and user-friendly kitchen, you need to invest in some must-have kitchen items and clever kitchen gadgets. Adding to this, if you wish to set up a small bar in constrained spaces, perhaps, you need to invest in some essential bar tools and accessories that will keep it going. Having said that, this selection may not be as easy as it sounds as there are several tools and accessories for kitchen and bar, which may look essential but may not serve your purpose. This post aims to ease your selection by offering you the list of essential kitchen tools and bar tools.

Top 7 Essential Kitchen Tools and Bar Tools for Your Home

This list comprises essential kitchen and bar tools right from utensils to clever kitchen gadgets. These tools will not only help you to build a fully operational kitchen and bar but also make a great gift choice for those who like to cook and want to set their own bar.

  1. Kitchen Carts: These are one of the most must-have kitchen items. The carts serve as a storage for all your utensils and tools. They may not directly add to your cooking, but will help you find all items in one place. This saves your cooking time, and allows you to focus on cooking exclusively without wasting your time on finding small things.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               strawberry slicer
  2. Fruit Slicers and Fruit Dehydrators: Cooking often involves several time-consuming processes and cutting and chopping being one of them. Fruit slicers are the tools that help reduce the cutting time of fruits. You can rely on them to cook quick fruit salads or garnishes for foods.
  3. Ice Cube Trays: They make essential bar accessories and kitchen tools. Ice cubes make a great addition to exotic beverages and all types of cold drinks. So, choosing uniquely shaped ice cube trays can be helpful. They will add a punch to your beverage. Today, you may find plastic ice cube trays in different shapes and sizes. Always ensure to buy the ones which are FDA approved, BPA free, and made of 100% silicone material. Many ice cube trays can be used as chocolate molds, too. Ensure to buy the ones that can be used as both, so you can save on your investment.
  4. Shot Glasses: Can you imagine a bar without shot glasses? Perhaps, no. These glasses are the best for serving alcohol. Like ice cube trays, these shot glasses are also available in different materials. It is always wise to choose the glasses made of borosilicate glass, because they offer double walled construction and are aesthetic too.  
  5. Cocktail Glasses: This is perhaps one of those essential bar tools, which may you cannot do without. If you are a cocktail lover and wish to serve cocktails like margarita, martini, and more, these glasses can be the best choice.
  6. Bottle Openers: They are one of the essential bar accessories in your bar and kitchen. It is always better to choose bottle openers in metal construction as they can easily withstand several years of use.                                                                                                                                                                                                         bottle opener egg mould
  7. Egg Molds: They are small, yet effective kitchen tools that will ease your breakfast process. These egg molds help you to turn eggs into exotic shaped treats.
Whatever kitchen and bar tools you choose from this list or otherwise, it is important to invest in quality products. Gardennaire offers one of the broadest collections of essential bar tools and kitchen tools. Available in different specifications and price ranges, they are assured to serve your purpose effectively.