A Complete Guide On How to Do Pedicure at Home

A Complete Guide On How to Do Pedicure at Home

Nail care is one of the important concerns for most women. Cracked or chipped toe nails or chipped nail polish on feet doesn’t look good and women who want to look perfect at all times understand it better than anyone else. Many times, women choose to hide these imperfections by wearing socks or wearing sandals that helps them avoid embarrassment. Due to hectic work schedules, a visit to nail salon seems like a luxury to most women. However, now it is possible to achieve a professional and pampering pedicure at home without visiting a nail salon. How? Read the post to know a few important tips on DIY pedicure at home.

Tips for a Perfect DIY Pedicure at Home

The following tips will help you achieve beautiful looking feet at home with minimal efforts.

  • Prepare Your Feet: This is the most important step in a DIY pedicure. It must be done properly. The feet preparation involves the following steps:
    • Remove Nail Polish: For this, you will need a small cotton round or paper towel, an acetone remover, and a stand for holding legs. Well, a cotton round and acetone remover is easily available. However, you need to choose a good stand for holding legs. Stedi Pedi Pro-Professional Home Pedicure Assistant is one such tool that helps relax your feet while removing nail polish from it. It features a lit magnifier, drying fan, and a task light. You can keep your feet on the small desk and focus light on nails to remove the nail paint. Remember to use a good quality and gentle acetone remover to remove any stubborn nail colors. 
    • Cleanse Your Feet: You can cleanse your feet by soaking them in warm water. You can add Epsom salt to warm water to soften the feet, and this is especially helpful if you have sores on them. For best results, it is always recommended to soak feet in water for 10-15 minutes. Next, you need to dry one foot at a time with a clean cotton napkin and by placing it on Stedi Pedi Pro-Professional Home Pedicure Assistant.
    • Scrub the Feet: Next, remove calluses or dry skin on the feet using a physical exfoliator or multiple products such as a buffing block, a cuticle remover, and so on.
    • Focus on Nails: Nail care involves trimming, shaping, and filing your toe nails. It needs to be done with great care. After all, manicured nails add character to your feet. You can use nail clippers and nail file to shape your toe nails. Although these tools help shape the nails, removing nail dust can be a tedious task. For this, you can use the Nail Art Table Nail Dust Collector Cleaner tool. This tool helps collect nail dust and you can use it along with Stedi Pedi Pro-Professional Pedicure Assistant for better results.
    • Massage Your Feet: This is one of the most important aspects of a pedicure. The feet massage helps releasing the muscle tension as well as improves blood circulation to the foot. Apply a moisturizer and gently massage your feet and toes, using the right strokes. You can use an electric massager.
  • Beautify Your Feet: This is the final step in this DIY pedicure guide and the extension of all the above steps. Apply a base coat on your toe nails to avoid chipping or staining of the nail color. Allow the base coat to dry fully before applying the final coat. You can dry your nails under the Nail Art Table Dust Collector Cleaner tool or if you do not own one then allow the nails to dry naturally. For this, you need to wait for 10-15 minutes. Next, apply a final coat of your favorite nail color. It is always better to choose nail colors that look good on all occasions. In many cases, the nail paint may take up to 12 hours to solidify, so, it is always better to soak your feet in cold water for few minutes, once the coat dries.

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