9 DIY Metal Raised Garden Bed Design Ideas

9 DIY Metal Raised Garden Bed Design Ideas

Metal raised garden beds are an effective and aesthetically appealing way of gardening. Today, it is common to see green plantations set in places like rooftops, pool-sides, and even indoors. Today, people are using gardening for uplifting their residential aesthetics. It offers an effective way of planting perennial plants, as well as it looks good. Although many say that the plain old traditional way of setting metal raised garden beds is outdated, still it is preferred all over the world. One can decorate gardens and other locations of the home in very creative ways by using metal raised garden beds. This post lists nine unique ways of DIY metal raised garden bed arrangement for effective gardening and better aesthetics.

Ideas for Creative DIY Metal Raised Garden Bed Arrangement

Metal raised garden beds can be arranged in several creative ways. From traditional gardening to the modern, fancy plantation, these ideas can be mixed-and-matched for any style. The following are some ideas to get creative with metal raised garden beds arrangement.

  1. Sheet Metal Raised Beds in Various Shapes: The sheet metal can be folded in various shapes, therefore various shapes of the raised beds can be made out of sheet metal. Square, round, or even random randomly looped sheet metal can make excellent DIY ideas for metal raised garden bed designs.     
  2. Hoop Housed Raised Beds: Hoop houses can be a little extra investment for metal raised bed arrangements. However, this investment can lead to a practical and creative gardening style. You can grow several types of plants that require nourishment for a longer duration or limited sunshine or protection against the harsh environment. The hoop houses can be adopted as a green house, poly-tunnels, etc. Placing metal raised garden beds under the shade of green housing or poly-tunnel can be helpful in growing flower plants, herbs, and vegetables.
  3. Metal Raised Garden Beds for Borders: Forming a border of metal raised garden beds around the backyard, or house premise, or even the poolside can give amazing aesthetics to your residence.
  4. Rustic Metal Bed Series: You can arrange these metal raised garden beds in series to offer a rustic outlook to the garden space. This plantation-style can also be settled in the patio area to complement the patio furniture sets in a traditional manner.                                             
  5. Color-Blocked Raised Beds: Floor blocking like a chess-board can be done with the metal raised garden beds to give a color-blocked look to the garden. One can make it black and white or can color block in several different combinations.
  6. Poolside Metal Raised Beds: Poolside gardening is quite a trend nowadays. The pool sides are getting modern and creative, which leaves few or no land for plantation. In such cases, the metal raised beds can be arranged around the poolside to give a green and nature- friendly look to the poolside.  
  7. Raised Bed Trellis: Vertical gardening has been used for a long time by now. Raised beds if arranged as a trellis can elevate the efficiency of the vertical gardening concept even more. It can allow you to plant more vegetables or herbal plants in organized sections. This sectioning can also help in easy cleaning without taking too much space so the walking space can be effectively increased for the gardener.
  8. Tiered Raised Bed Gardening: Arranging metal raised garden beds in an alternate castle wall manner can give an aesthetically appealing tiered look to the garden. One can create a whole wall of such arrangements or place then around an object in the garden can bring a creative look to the place. Color-blocking these metal raised beds can make it look even more appealing.                                                                                                       
  9. Garden Layouts: The metal raised beds can be arranged in specific layouts that can bring structure to the garden design. Architectural structures can be made from a metal raised block around the poolside, or over the rooftop. This can add a creative natural ambiance during dinner parties, and family get-togethers.

Considering these ideas for DIY metal raised garden beds arrangement are suitable for your gardening needs. You must buy quality metal raised garden beds from trusted suppliers. Poor quality garden beds can ruin the whole arrangement and aesthetics and they may perish too soon. The metal sheets must be installed properly to avoid cuts. Not to mention, poor quality products can mess up your garden by breaking garden soil. Therefore, you must buy a garden raised from trusted manufacturers like Gardennaire. The company offers premium quality metal raised garden bed kits. In this kit, you can get easy installation kits that have elevator planter boxes of various sizes along with easy installation pins. You can also consider Gardennaire for sourcing your patio furniture and garden accessories.