Doubts You Should Clarify About Modern Patio Furniture

Doubts You Should Clarify About Modern Patio Furniture

It’s a wonderful feeling to have your own patio and garden or a terrace and be able to decorate it. However, it is important to select the right type of furniture such as a sofa set, dining table, planters, a center table, and other decorative accessories. There are many beautifully designed contemporary patio dining sets and sofa sets made of either powder coated aluminum or rattan wicker among other materials. There are modern patio dining furniture sets made of wood and other materials. However, considering certain aspects such as weather changes, moisture, rain, heat, and so on, the furniture needs to be robust and resistant to all these physical parameters. By and large, there are many doubts people have on their minds about selecting the right furniture. There are some myths as well. This post helps clear all the doubts and myths you many have on your mind.

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Common Misconceptions about Modern Patio Furniture Debunked

The following pointers will aid in clearing any misconceptions that you may have regarding modern patio furniture.

  • High Costs: This may not be always correct. For instance, some materials such as teak wood are expensive and they need maintenance and polishing too. Also, in case of rain or snow, you need to move it indoor. Natural wicker furniture also needs to be moved indoor as well. However, there are materials such as powder coated aluminum and rattan wicker which are not only weather friendly but also durable and long lasting. Additionally, they are affordable and low on maintenance. Rattan wicker is especially suitable for patios from an aesthetic point of view; however, aluminum furniture looks great too as long as you select the right color and cushions.
  • Space Consumption: While there may be some sofa sets and dining sets which are broad and huge, and may not be suitable in your patio. However, there are several types and sizes of furniture pieces available which can fit well into the area available, leaving enough space empty. In fact, if you want extra chairs to accommodate your guests, you can opt for foldable ones, small sized stools made of wicker. To add to this, you can fit in your barbeque equipment in one corner and a tent or gazebo in the middle. The tents, gazebos, and other accessories can be dismantled when you do not need them. So, your patio and garden do not look clumsy. The whole secret lies in selecting the right furniture size, and going for certain portable accessories to be used on a need basis.
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  • No Maintenance Required: Although patio or garden furniture is designed to cope up with the external environment that doesn’t means zero maintenance. As said before, not all furniture is made the same. Some types of furniture such as rattan wicker and powder coated aluminum are easy to maintain. They can be cleaned at home once in a week with simple soap and water. You can do regular dusting every alternate day. The good part is that you do not incur maintenance costs like you need for teak wood.
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  • Weather Friendly: The fact is that even if the furniture is promoted as weather friendly, it cannot withstand constant rain or extreme temperatures. It will endure it for as long as it is moved indoors and dried with proper methods. Weather friendly means powder coated aluminum and rattan wicker can tolerate moderate amounts of heat and moisture as long as it is maintained well. 
  • Quality: Even if two furniture pieces look similar, they may not be of the same quality. You need to find details about the materials and coatings used, who the manufacturer is, and other details mentioned in the documentation. If you are buying from a physical store nearby then you can go there and check. However, if you are buying online you can check it with the manufacturer. You can ask as many as questions as you can to clarify your doubts and also check if they offer any quality documentation to supplement their claims, and so on.
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    Hopefully, this post has resolved most doubts you may have had regarding modern patio furniture. In case, you have any further doubts, you can consult expert teams of known and reliable furniture manufacturers and suppliers. Gardennaire is a trusted supplier of a variety of contemporary patio dining sets, furniture pieces, and décor items which help make your patio beautiful and lively.