How to Choose Barbeque Grills for Your Outdoor Cooking Space?

How to Choose Barbeque Grills for Your Outdoor Cooking Space?

Barbequing is one of the favored hobbies for most Americans who love showcasing their outdoor patio cooking skills on holidays or long weekends. Although most of us may perceive it as a fun activity, barbequing in open requires more than just good cooking skills, creativity, and imagination. The most basic requirement is a barbeque grill and a good outdoor grilling space. Today, it is easy to find barbeque grills in various specifications with unique and compact designs, in different budget ranges. Does that mean you can buy anything that fits into your budget? No. You need to consider several factors, pros and cons before making the buying decision. This post introduces you to some factors that must be addressed before buying these barbeque grills.

Important Tips to Choose Barbeque Grills for Your Outdoor Cooking Space  

Although there is not much differences between choosing the indoor kitchen equipment and outdoor kitchen equipment, there are certain areas where you need to focus in the latter case. The following points will help you understand it better. 

  • Decide on the Location: As said before, today, it is easy to find compact-sized barbeque cooking grills. However, that doesn’t mean you can set your grill anywhere. Choose a location that is safe and well-ventilated. Also, ensure there are no inflammables and hanging branches nearby.
  • Choose the Fuel Type: This is the most important step of choosing a barbeque grill. There are mainly four types of grills, which are covered here in detail. Most outdoor barbeque lovers would agree that choosing the right type of grill is the most challenging task because no one can actually guide you what is right for you. It will depend on your personal choices, your use of the grill, how often you would host such parties, and so on.
    • Charcoal Grill: This is the type that most people think of when it comes to choosing a grill for outdoor patio cooking. Charcoal grills are cheaper than other variants listed here and are much easy to clean after the use. They lend a unique smoky flavor to the dish. Charcoal produces high temperatures, which allows a grill master to sear the meat perfectly. These grills may take little longer to start.
Charcoal grill
    • Gas Grills: As the name indicates, these grills run on gas and they are powered by natural gas or propane. Most gas grills are basically designed for propane, but they can be converted to natural gas. Gas grills are ideal for people who want to cook easily with minimal efforts. Also, they need not worry about cleaning it after every use.
Gas grill

    • Electric Grills: Powered by electricity, users can cook their meat on hot grill plates while using these grills. They are a bit expensive than the other two variants, but are suited for people who find traditional charcoal or gas grilling messy. They are also ideal for people who live in apartment complexes and have to adhere to fire regulations. These grills can be easily plugged into any existing outlet.
               Electric grill               Electric grill 2
    • Choose the Right Configuration: Gas grills are available as either built-in gas grills or freestanding gas grills. The built-in gas grills are usually provided as a part of barbeque grilling station, whereas freestanding gas grills are portable.
      • Built-in Gas Grills: These barbeque grills can be purchased with full lines of matching kitchen equipment. They can add value to your outdoor grilling space.
      • Freestanding Grills: These grills are compact sized, and hence can be easily moved between places. They may utilize charcoal or propane for burning. Portable grills are a good option if you are planning an outdoor picnic to a distinct place. These grills may demand little patience as they have limited cooking capacity.
    • Check with Your Local Regulatory Authorities: Charcoal grills, gas grills, portable grills, and electric grills each have their own pros and cons. So, check with your local authorities to ensure that you are not violating any rules by investing in these grills.
    • Choose the Right Patio Grill Accessories: Once you have decided on grills, it is important to choose the right patio grill accessories. The following are a few essentials you may need while cooking:
      • Skewers
      • Meat Thermometers
      • Grilling Brush
      • Basting Brush
      • Heatproof Tongs, Spatulas, and Barbecue Forks
      • Grill Cover
      • Barbeque Cooking Mitts
      • Aprons
      • Spices and Seasonings
    • Take a Grilling Demonstration: Once you have decided on your barbeque grill, it is important to ask the vendor to provide a demonstration. This will help you understand the working of grills better.
    • Take a Grilling Class: This is essential if you are a novice who is working with the grill for the first time. You can go online and subscribe to some trusted websites or you can check in your area for a reliable cooking class from where you can learn how to use the grill properly and safely.

    Choosing the best grill is a combination of all the factors discussed above. It is important that you source your grill from a trusted manufacturer like Gardennaire. The company offers multi-burner barbecue grills in a durable construction. It also offers accessories that you would require to use with these grills.