How to Decorate Your Patio

How to Decorate Your Patio

A well-decorated patio at your home may serve as your escape retreat after a challenging day at work. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that you must have an expansive patio to enjoy the time. Perhaps, you also enjoy sitting and chatting on a small, yet well-presented patio. Do you know any small patio can be transformed into an inviting retreat with the right accessories and furniture!

This post offers tips on how to transform your small patio into an attractive relaxing zone.

A Few Easy to Follow Tips for Decorating Your Patio

The following are a few pointers that will give you some ideas on transforming your patio space:

1.Choose the Right Furniture: Any patio is incomplete without the right furniture, and perhaps you would agree with this. The selection of the furniture will depend on a few considerations. Before making any decision you need to ask yourself the following questions. 

  • Do you want to reserve the space for your family?
  • Do you want to host guests?

If the answer to the second question is yes, then:

  • How often would you be hosting guests?
  • Do you want furniture in specific designs, shapes, or colors?
  • Do you have budget constraints?

 Based on the answers you can choose from the following types of furniture:

Dining Collections: The patio dining sets featuring chairs and a table, with cushions, can be availed as:

  • 3-piece patio dining sets featuring two chairs and a table
  • 5-piece patio dining sets with four chairs and a table
  • 7-piece patio dining sets with six chairs and a table
  • 9-piece patio dining sets with eight chairs and a table
9 piece patio dining set

    Seating Collection: As the name indicates, these comprise seating sets        chairs and center, as well as side or end tables. Like dining collections, you can also choose from seating collections offered in different configurations. 5-piece seating sets and 4-piece seating sets are most popular among people because they can easily fit into small spaces.

    If you already have any of these seating sets, you can expand the area by installing various types of patio Ottomans made of different frame material. Like dining sets and seating collection, these outdoor Ottomans are available in different shapes such as rectangle, square, and round. You can purchase them as a set of two to complete the look.

    7 piece patio seating set

    Lounge Chairs: These are relaxing, recliner chairs that you can set near your pool.

    Outdoor Tables: There is an abundant variety when it comes to outdoor tables. You can choose from various types of tables such as patio side tables, patio coffee tables, dining tables, outdoor bistro tables, bar tables, picnic tables, and so on, depending on your requirements. You can easily color coordinate them with other furniture.

    2. Leave a Space for Umbrellas, Tents or Other Outdoor Shades: Colorful outdoor shades such as gazebos, pergolas, canopies, shade sails, outdoor umbrellas, and so on, will add a fun element to your patio. Many of these accessories are portable, so you remove and stock them when not required. These outdoor shades are perfect if you want to enjoy a feeling of vacation or picnic without stepping out of the home.


    3. Focus on Greenery: Greenery can uplift décor of any bland space. You do not need a big garden to enjoy the greenery, instead, you can also do it with ornamental potted plants. You can choose colorful hanging baskets for displaying these plants. There are also fence and deck planters available that you can use to neatly manage your terrace garden

    4. Maintain Your Plants: Installation of green and colorful potted plants is easy, but caring for them is important. You need to trim and water them or spray natural pesticides to protect them from pests. Additionally, you can also use products such as plant and tree guards, watering mats, landscape and gardening stakes to ensure their protection from pests, pets, and other environmental elements.

    5. Add Some Warmth to Space: What does this mean? You can add some warmth to the place by installing fire pits, fire pit tables, and patio heaters. They are available in various designs and configurations to meet your requirements. Again, this depends on the weather conditions in your area. You can find them in compact and portable designs, which can be removed when not in use.

    In addition to these, you can also install outdoor cooking and tableware like BBQ grills, outdoor kitchens, outdoor cooking and tableware, and so on. Although the selection may involve some brain taxing and long planning, it is important to focus on quality. After all, you do not invest in these patio furniture pieces very often. To ensure it, you must source your modern patio furniture and accessories from a trusted brand like Gardennaire. Located in Texas, Gardennaire provides Made in USA modern patio furniture of high quality in innovative designs at exceptionally competitive prices. As one of the leading furniture stores in Texas, the company understands its commitment towards its customers, and hence has always promoted aesthetically appealing, quality-driven, and environment-friendly modern patio furniture.