Know Some Smart Watering Hacks for a Home Garden

Know Some Smart Watering Hacks for a Home Garden

It’s a wonderful experience sitting in your own garden or patio sipping a cup of tea or coffee along with your loved ones on a weekend. It is even more blissful to be able to cultivate your own garden, nurture your plants, and water them daily. There are various garden watering techniques and tools available in the market. But, what if you want to go out on a vacation or a business trip for more than two days? Your plants would dry up and eventually die if you leave them without water for a week or more, and surely you would not want that to happen. Of course, this largely depends upon the weather conditions in your area. Thankfully, there are various smart tools such as DIY drip irrigation system, smart watering mats, and more which can take care of your plants while you are away. This post discusses such tools and techniques at length.

Some Easy and Smart Garden Watering Techniques

Many plants need only a minimal amount of water in a slow dripping manner to remain green and healthy. Most of the times we give them more water than required. So, when you are away, slowly released water works wonders. As mentioned, there are many easy techniques with the help of which you can keep your garden green while you are away. In case it is snowing in your area, move your plants indoors to prevent drying. If you have summer, these self-watering tools work wonderfully to keep your plants green and blooming. Here are some self-watering tools and techniques for your garden.

  • Smart watering mats: Often called as tree diapers, these donut-shaped mats are placed on the soil, whether in the pot or directly on the ground. These mats are made of agricultural grade polymer, which has a superior absorbing capacity. You just need to make these mats wet and they absorb all the water. So, they moisten the soil and ensure the water reaches and penetrates deeper into the roots. They are weather-friendly and also prevent weeds from growing. These mats release water at a slow rate and the plants remain green for several weeks at a stretch.
Smart watering mats for pots Smart Watering Mats

  • Tree watering stakes: This is another smart watering tool with an open top, while the other end is immersed about 10 inches deep into the soil. It receives and stores water it catches from rain, sprinklers, and irrigation systems. This water slowly reaches the roots of the plant. These stakes are long lasting as well.
Watering stakes functionWatering stakes

  • DIY drip irrigation system: Drip irrigation is quite an old technique used in agriculture. You can get the system installed; however, there are DIY drip irrigation tools you can assemble on your own. You get these kits in the market which comprise screws, pipes, tubing, nozzles, and so on which can be fitted to your garden faucet.
DIY drip irrigation Drip irrigation tools

  • DIY Bottle with a hole: Aside from these solutions, there are self-watering pots, wick systems, plant baths, and so on. An easy way is to drill a hole into a plastic water bottle and insert a tube in it. The other end of the tube would be in the soil. Ensure the bottle is big enough the hole is small. This is an absolutely easy and cheap alternative, especially if you are away just for a week or so.

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