Tips on Fashionable Face Masks for COVID-19 and After

Tips on Fashionable Face Masks for COVID-19 and After

COVID-19 has taught us to prioritize sanitation and safety over everything else. Although safety was always a concern, it has emerged as prime necessity during the pandemic. Hand sanitation using alcohol-based sanitizers and wearing face masks are two new habits that we have been following to keep ourselves safe. Both these steps have been mandated by organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to prevent the spread of virus. Following these guidelines, several countries including the United States have made face masks necessary for people going outdoors for work or other purposes. Earlier, face masks were mainly reserved for medical uses, however, now they have become an integral part of our safety routine and wardrobe. Today, you can find several stylish face masks in the market. Owing to their popularity and various choices, confusions are bound to arise. Which are the most stylish face masks for men and women? Are plain or printed mask designs good? This post aims to answer these questions and more.

A Few Pointers on Stylish Face Masks

As face masks have become mandatory, we have started looking for face masks that are comfortable to wear, reusable, and above all stylish. Isn’t it? There are several designs to choose from. Most people end up thinking what is right for me and what not. The following face mask ideas aim to simplify your selection.

  • Plain Cotton Masks: White and black are two popular colors for plain cotton masks. You can also find COVID-19 protective masks like N95 masks and surgical masks in white color. Although these masks are largely preferred by medical professionals, you can also wear them if you do not care about fashion. Else, you can settle for plain black and white cotton face masks with colored ear loops, ties, and bands. Plain face masks in white and black color look good on all occasions and match with any outfit.
                                         Black cotton face mask                        White cotton face mask
  • Neck Gaiter Face Masks: They are the most functional and unique face masks on this list. For instance, Army Camo Neck Gaiter face masks are one of the most functional face masks you would ever come across. These masks are made of stretchable fabric like a microfiber polyester. You can stretch them on your mouth to neck to cover the mouth and neck. Alternately, you can use them as neckerchief, wristband, headband, hair-band, beanie, bandana, and more. Great for daily use, you can wear them while going to dusty public places, or while practicing your outdoor sports.
                                      Army camo neck gaiter                         Ways to wear neck gaiter

  • Patriotic Theme Face Masks: You don’t need to wait for a national holiday to bring out the patriot in you. There are several flag printed face masks that you can choose to wear in public domain to show the solidarity towards the nation. USA Peace Sign Circle Face Masks, July 4 Face Masks, or other flag inspired face masks are much in demand these days.
USA flag face maskUSA peace sign face mask4th of July face mask
  • Animal Print Face Masks: Animal-print designs have been always popular with people of all ages, especially kids and women. Animal print masks have gained popularity in recent times. You can find several stylish face masks for men and women in animal print designs in your choice of materials. Cotton animal print face masks are comfortable to wear and are washable, too.
                                      Animal  print face mask                          Kids animal print face mask
  • Tie-Dye Face Masks: The demand for colorful tie dye face masks have skyrocketed in the last few months. These masks are available in several eye-catching colors and can be paired with all types of clothing.

    Having known some stylish mask patterns, it is important that you also focus on their quality and function. This is because, nowadays, you will find plain or printed or so-called designer masks made of cheap fabric, which are sold in disguise at high prices. Beware of cheap variants, and always source your fashionable masks from trusted brands such as Gardennaire. The company provides a wide array of quality stylish face masks for men and women to help their customers adjust to the new normal.