Wall Décor- Creative Ideas of Accessorizing Your Home with Wall Art

Wall Décor- Creative Ideas of Accessorizing Your Home with Wall Art

Home décor is a reflection of your lifestyle. Your house speaks a lot about you and your living status, so does the home décor. It is needless to say that your decorated walls will add a new dimension to your home space. In fact, the whole empty wall can be customized with your choice of art to give definition to your home. However, you should not just buy random framed prints or wall arts and hang them on walls. It can only ruin the aesthetics of your place. One must feel pleasant while looking at your home walls. You must ensure that the wall décor goes with the furniture and mood of the home. Would you like to know how to transform your wall décor creatively? This post gives away a few creative wall art ideas to perform effective home décor.

10 Creative Ideas to Accessorize Your Home with Wall Art

You can implement the following ideas to creatively enhance your wall décor.

  1. Hang One Oversized Framed Print: Oversized framed prints added to a plain painted wall, behind the sofa or patio sitting arrangement can build a good impact on viewers. It can bring a sophisticated, yet beautiful aesthetic to the plain wall. You can opt for oversized art pieces, as well as signature wall arts if you intend to keep your wall décor simple and slightly engaging.It is always best to use oversized framed prints for offices, living rooms, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  2. Pair-Up with Compatible Canvas Paintings: Pairing up frames with canvas paintings is no new technique. You can pair up two symmetric canvas paintings to create a unique look on the wall.
  3. Set Framed Wall Art Gallery in Unique Theme: You can create an art gallery on your house wall by selecting a few unique framed wall art. It will make your home décor look like a selective artistic presentation. You can mix and match canvasses with antiques or modern art pieces to create a decoration theme.
  4. Mix and Match Wall Arts and Shelves: Having too much empty space may not be aesthetically pleasing. You can smartly fill this place with a couple of shelves. You can arrange a few books or some decorative objects. Make sure not to leave the wall near shelves blank. You can hang a few wall arts to complete the wall décor look.
  5. Storytelling Wall Art: Storytelling is quite a trend, and perhaps a mesmerizing trend. You can add some framed pictures of your memories along with some portraits. This can turn out to be a great way of personalizing your wall décor.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  6. Decals on the Plain Walls: Decals are an amazing type of wall art. You can get your wall painted or you can just find a few decals to fill up your wall. Decals are a better option because they can be taken off without ruining the paint on your wall. Thus, it is a great option like a removable, on, and off a type of wall art. Maps, geometrical wall patterns, and 3D wall canvases are quite popular in wall decals.
  7. Gardenlike Wall View: You can add some greenery to your walls by adding some wall planters. Hanging some flower planters around the blank space can add a subtle eco-friendly aesthetics to your home. If you are not fond of actual plants behind your couch, then you can always go for painted flowers and lush greenery on your walls. It can give a subtle and comfortable view to the visitors.
  8. Fabric Wall Arts: Fabric wall arts can be a great way to customize your home décor. You can also go for fabric-based framed prints. It can also help in storytelling wall creation. It can be used as an on and off decorative item. You can also use these fabric wall arts to lend a vintage look to your home.
  9. Mural Wall Art: Unlike decals, mural wall art is more like a permanent painting on the wall. You can settle for this type of wall décor if you intend to keep the wall at the same for the long term. Adding some mural scenery on will take your home décor to anew zone. It can be done creatively because it is going to remain for several years.
  10. Sculptures and Canvases: Sculptures can quickly accentuate your furnished space. It is quite an easy yet creative way of defining your wall décor.

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