Smart Spring - Smart Watering Mat for Trees

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Product Description

Smart Spring's Smart Watering Mats are a TREE WATERING BAG UPGRADE. Free up time, save money and most importantly help save the environment by efficient, minimal water usage to promote healthy tree growth. 24" size for up to 1.5" caliper trees and a 36" size for 3" caliper trees. Smart Spring's Smart Watering Mats can be left out year-round through the cold winters and may never need filling for up to 3 years!

  • 24" For up to 1.5" caliper trees/36" for up to 3" caliper trees - Uses 99% LESS WATER than traditional tree bag over the course of 1 season!
  • Leave out year-round - even in frozen climates! Cover with mulch to help keep soil moisture levels at optimum levels, while reducing evaporation, providing insulation to the root system and keeping the Smart Spring's Smart Watering Mats from getting stolen!
  • Soak first for a couple hours. The Smart Watering Mat will function for 30 days without refilling and maintain effectiveness for years with as little as 1 inch of rainwater per month. You could go months or years without refilling! The Smart Watering Mat uses osmosis and gravity to slowly leach water into the soil 12-14 in deep
  • Soil Moisture Stabilizer - prevents soils from getting too wet (root rot) or too dry (tree suffering). Soil will remain at a healthy, moist level for the tree to thrive. If the soil seems too dry, look at how the tree is doing or use a moisture meter to measure. A rating from 3 to 8 (out of 10) is ideal for trees to thrive!
  • Smart Spring's Smart Watering Mats has a weed barrier top to eliminate plants and weeds growing around the root system that normally steal water, oxygen and nutrients. This allows for less water to be used.
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Product Information
Application For trees, bushes, shrubs and garden plants up to 1.5" caliper or 15 gallons. 24" diameter for 360° complete irrigation For trees, bushes and shrubs up to 3" diameter or 30 gallons (Large Size)
Size 24" diameter 36" diameter
Shape C-shaped with open slat for installation Two Half Moons
Refills with Rain
Up to 5 year Lifespan
Country of Origin Made In U.S.A. Made In U.S.A.
Weed Barrier
Use In-Ground
Use Outdoors and Leave Out Year Round


Technical Details 


Size 24" 36"
Package Dimensions 10.5 x 7.8 x 0.9 inches 14.76 x 12.13 x 1.26 inches
Item Weight 7.2 ounces 13.7 ounces
Manufacturer Zynnovation Zynnovation