AquaSmart Water Storing Minerals – Fewer Plant Waterings for Indoor Pots and Outdoor Gardens – Self Watering Garden Soil Additive - Natural Non-Toxic Coated Magic Sand for Planters (12 oz. Bag)

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Product Description

Smart Spring powered by AquaSmart is an engineered superabsorbent sand created with a patented process that allows it to retain up to 12 times its weight in water and water soluble nutrients. 95% of water and water soluble nutrients are available to the plant. Lasts up to 5 years. Using Smart Spring watering storing minerals will require less water while producing better growth. 4" Pot / 1 Tablespoon 6" Pot / 2 Tablespoon 8" Pot / 3 Tablespoon 1 Gallon Pot / 4 Tablespoon. Simple Top-dress Application

  • Water Storing Minerals Hold 12 Times Its Weight In Water; 95% of water and water soluble nutrients are available to the plant.
  • Save Time: Fewer Plant Waterings For Indoor Pots and Outdoor Planters
  • Promotes Stronger Roots & Better Growth. Smaller particles mean better targeting of roots plus easier to use with new or existing pots, gardens or plants.. Mix in with soil or place on top of pre-planted pots for easy application!
  • 100% Safe Non-Toxic Natural Water Storing Minerals
  • Prevents Rootbound Planters - 100% Safe, Non Toxic, & Biodegradable
  • Application Rate: 4 Tablespoons Per Gallon Pot; Simply spread on top of soil
  • 1 Plant Pro Bag Serves (24) 4" Pots; (12) 6" Pots