Smart Spring - Smart Watering Mat for Gardens/Garden Beds

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Product Description

The Smart Watering Mat for Raised Garden Beds will water for 30-Days, Refill Itself with Rain and fit into 3' by 4' raised garden beds. Use in any garden as well! Simply soak the mat in water to get it started, then place it around your plants. The garden mat is designed to fit most gardens beds for flowers, veggies, or herbs. It can be arranged to satisfy the watering needs and to fit the spacing of most plants: a single mat for double row, double mat for a single row, or a single mat for a single row. Because the Smart Watering Mat is made from durable materials, it can be used for years! Water release rate varies depending on soil moisture, temperature, air flow and humidity. In one test, the mat continued to release water for a full two months.

  • Automatic recharging rain/irrigation water (Almost maintenance free!!)
  • Slow-releasing irrigation that irrigates for 30-days and refills with rain
  • Weed control and Root Protection for over or underwatering
  • 36" long by 12" wide per section. 2 sections included will fit 3'x4' garden beds or use in any garden!
  • Made in the U.S.A. - Leave Out Year Round. No need to store! It will work up to 5-years!

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