The Washbox Paint Clean-Up Sink Protector Paintbrush Cleaner Tool

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Product Description

The Washbox is a simple and effective solution that we've all been waiting for! Paint clean up has always been a pain, having to clean the sink in addition to the paint rollers and brushes. No more! The Washbox fits inside most sinks, contains the paint for a cleaner cleanup! Its interior ribs help remove paint from the rollers and brushes and makes cleanup infinitely easier! Don't forget to get a Washbox before your next painting project!

  • Clean paint brushes and rollers without making your sink a mess. Let the Washbox get dirty while your sink stays clean!
  • Patented design fits most sinks, allowing water, splatter and paint to skip your sink and head straight to the drain
  • Interior ribs help remove built up paint from brushes and rollers, while filtering the debris straight to the drain.
  • Great for apartments, condos and places where you don't have a utility sink
Technical Details
Package Dimensions 13.07 x 7.95 x 7.01 inches
Item Weight 11.2 ounces
Manufacturer OTOD Solutions