All You Need to Know About Weather Friendly Patio Furniture

All You Need to Know About Weather Friendly Patio Furniture

It’s a dream of many to own a home with a patio, terrace, and a backyard garden, and you are really fortunate if you have been able to realize it. Areas such a patio, garden, and terrace are the ones where you can relax, unwind, and share happy moments with your loved ones. These areas can also be wonderful venues for parties and social gatherings. But for this, you need to decorate these areas and make comfortable seating and dining arrangements to make your guests comfortable. But when buying outdoor furniture, you need to consider factors such as all-weather patio furniture, rust free materials, quick dry cushions, and so on. This post discusses the best material for outdoor furniture and offer tips on how to protect your patio furniture from rain.

Factors to Consider When Looking for Patio Furniture

Ideally, summer is the time you can use your outer areas such as gardens and terraces in their full capacity in terms of dinners, family breakfasts, house parties, conversations over a cup of coffee, and so much more. But, depending upon the area you stay and the weather there, you need to take care of your patio furniture and accessories, especially if you stay in snowcapped regions. So, weather friendly and durable patio furniture is a must when it comes to outdoor furniture. Here are some factors you can consider when purchasing weather proof furniture for your patio, garden, or terrace.

  • Look out for the best material for outdoor furniture. Now, what does this really mean? It means, looking for materials which are weather friendly, do not rust, and easy to maintain throughout the year. Apart from this they should also be elegant and sturdy.
  • Powder coated aluminum or rattan wicker patio furniture types are good options as they do not rust and are easy to clean and maintain. They also have an aesthetic appeal.
aluminum and wicker patio seating set
  • Both these materials are lightweight and yet robust.
  • Whatever material and color you choose, ensure it is the same for your sofa set and dining set; it adds to the aesthetics.
  • The typical style of weaving wicker furniture makes it beautiful and it complements the nature in your garden well.

                                    Wicker furniture      Wicker & aluminum chair


  • For your furniture cushions, use quick dry foam ones. Also, look for elegant and quick dry fabrics for their covers. This makes it so easy when the weather is moist. Also, they are easy to clean at home on weekends.
  • The furniture also can be cleaned at home with mild soap and water.

Tips to Protect Your Furniture from Rain

While rain protection furniture covers are available, it is important to prevent your furniture from constant moisture exposure. Here are some tips for the same:

  • If possible, keep your furniture indoors in case of rain or snow, and keep it covered. In any case, you would not sit outside in such weather.
  • Cleaning and maintenance is essential to prevent chipping and rusting in case of aluminum.
  • Use water proofing sprays on your furniture to keep it away from mildew and fungus. However, ensure to cover your plants and accessories with a tarpaulin sheets when you spray this on your furniture. Also, make sure it is enough sunny and windy when you decide to use this water proofing spray.
  • The furniture should not retain moisture, so completely dry it in heat before use.
  • Remove the dust and dirt from your furniture on a regular basis using a dry wipe or cloth. This is also essential before using water proofing sprays.

If you have a patio and plan to decorate it, it’s essential to buy waterproof outdoor furniture. However, ensure you get it from a trusted supplier. Gardennaire is a reliable supplier of a variety of durable patio furniture collections and other accessories, which help you transform your garden and terrace into lively places in your homes.