Tips for Illuminating Your Patio in Summer

Tips for Illuminating Your Patio in Summer

A beautifully designed patio or garden terrace can take away all your worries. However, building a patio requires few efforts, if not a high budget. You will require good quality patio furniture and accessories on a primary level. What else? You would require a good lighting system, too. Often, in movies, we have seen beautifully lit up patios and may think it costs a lot to achieve a well-lit patio like that. However, it is not true. You can easily achieve the same effect without overdoing your budget. This post gives provides some easy-to-follow tips for patio lighting.

Quick and Effective Patio Light Illumination Tips

Come summer and everyone has their way of enjoying the weather. Coffee on the garden terrace or a well-designed patio, barbecues during the weekend, or a family gathering near the pool, and so on. But to enjoy all these, you need to have a well-lit patio. The following tips will help you design it better.

  • To begin with, you can start by illuminating trees if any, or shrubs and fences. For this type of illumination, you would require string lights. You can find various types of string lights in the market. They are available in multiple designs, sizes, and price points. You can purchase them as bare bulbs arranged in a string or bulbs nested in holders. Dragonflies are the best design; however, you can also choose lanterns made of metal. These string lights look best when draped around shrubs, fences, or trees. The best thing about string lights is that you can easily install and remove them whenever required. You can change them according to seasons. 
               string lights       patio string light
  • Next, focus on the outdoor dining space or your favorite seating area in the patio. This area needs to be well-lit if you plan to spend evenings here. You can use the string lights here to illuminate the area. Also, you can use some lanterns on the dining set to create that outdoor candlelight effect. 
  • If your dining area is set under a roof structure such as an overhanging tree, pergola, or pagoda then you can try using a set of string lights to illuminate the area. You can also use color changing patio lights to highlight some areas of the overhanging tree.         
    • After this, you can choose to highlight walkways and some selective areas using solar panel lights. These lights are not only eco-friendly but also produce a beautiful warm glow, which looks nice during summer evenings. The glow produced by solar lights may not be adequate for reading but it is perfect to create a special background flow if you plan to entertain your guests. The advantage of using solar light for illumination is that you do not need to make any special arrangement for installation and you can use these patio lights till the solar panel is in good condition.
    • Do you have dense flower beds around the garden? If yes, you can illuminate them with string lights. You can easily hide these string lights in their foliage for creating a beautiful illumination.
    • You can consider using rope lights to illuminate footpaths, flower borders, as well as special areas of the garden.
    • Many people love spending time near a swimming pool or a fire pit. You can use underground lights to lit up the swimming pool. You can transform your fire pit area with string lights and rocking chairs.
               rocking bench   rocking chairs
    • It is seen that many people use a privacy fence to secure their private area in the backyard. This fence protects them from prying eyes and also lends a sense of security. If you have one then you can illuminate them using beautiful string lights. These spring lights help transform the privacy fence from an installation to a beautiful backdrop.
    • If you are using a covered patio, you can use string lights for decoration. For reducing the mess, you can attach these lights on corners of the roof.

    It is easy to transform your patio, backyard, or terrace using these lighting ideas. Along with using the best quality lighting, you must also use the right patio furniture. Gardennaire only sources the best collections of patio furniture to suit all budgets and trends. You can choose from their dining collection such as Balcones Collection, Colorado Collection, and Comal Seating Set Collection. You can also find several individual pieces of patio furniture and accessories here that help you transform your patio into a beautiful summer retreat.